četrtek, 23. oktober 2014

When it rains.. it pours.

Verminate is forced to go into hiatus.. Sadly, I don't know for how long.

Members ran out of time and/or motivation, so for now it is back to being a project again, rather than a band.

Thank you all for the support!

Hope to be back soon.


nedelja, 20. april 2014

VERMINATE would like to welcome Tilen Marzidošek into the band as the new drummer!

We have practiced with Tilen now for good 7-8 months and although we realized early that he is the man 
for the job, we decided to wait with the announcement, but we think that now is the right time!


Also check Tilen's other band HERETIC: https://www.facebook.com/hereticslo

Here he is live in action with HERETIC:


ponedeljek, 03. februar 2014


The time has finally come to step on stage again!!! It has been 1.5 years since our last gig..
This will be our first gig under the new name!

Hope to see you guys there! 
1.5 (1st of May) 2014 @ Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor

četrtek, 30. januar 2014

New drummer/bassist.. New Gig announcement VERY SOON!

New drummer.. New Gig announcement VERY SOON!

We will upload new band pics showing us with our new drummer and also officially introduce our bassist that filled Galena's place in 2012..

Also we will have our first gig after almost 2 years!!!
We have a new setlist, new energy and we are looking forward to be on the stage again!


sreda, 19. junij 2013

Long time no post...

Long time no post so here is a little update!

We have found a new drummer and are rehearsing the old/new material.. We have decided to drop the songs we've recorded previously for the EP From The Crypt under the name Doomed...

We are still searching for a new fitting logo for the band..

More news will follow soon!


sreda, 30. januar 2013

Parting ways.. Searching

After almost 2 years of making music together we had to part ways with our drummer Žiga, the reason being  personal differences in music and interests.

You cannot force someone to be active in a band if they don't want to.

Currently we are searching for a someone new to take the seat behind the drums; applications:

torek, 13. november 2012

Writing new songs..

We are currently writing new songs for the upcoming LP... 

If you are a musician, you know that this process can take up a lot of time..

Follow us on facebook or twitter and you'll be updated about the newest happenings in the Verminate camp!